“Who” is SEO Bumblebee?

SEO Bumblee is owned and operated by Javaun Francis. His company’s goal when creating content is to achieve one thing: authenticity. Your customer is unique; when he or she reads content about their industry, they can tell whether it was written by a generalist or an authority. Our keen awareness of industry trends and participation within professional circles result in content that parallels authority sources! 


Your client wants authentic content for their website, but they also need their target market to stumble upon it! That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. Google has specific algorithm standards that determine how content gets ranked in the search engine. SEO Bumblebee stays up-to-date with those frequent algorithmic changes which mean your client’s website will rank higher than its competition’s! 

Expand Your Market

With marketing online being so popular today, a lot of people forget there are other options. Let us help you create a plan that works.